The people behind Lost have a new mystery show that viewers are already going nuts over 1 year ago

The people behind Lost have a new mystery show that viewers are already going nuts over

Say hello to your new obsession.

Every now and then, a show will come along that will grip audiences in a way quite unlike any other.

Think of Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones or Rick & Morty - shows that seemed to dominate workplace conversations and had Twitter filled up with opinions and reactions.

Back in the day, Lost was very much one of those shows, but on top of guessing where the show might be going next, it presented such an intriguing mystery (at least in the beginning), that it had everyone watching and trying to figure out what they were already looking, never mind what might be coming in the future.

American broadcaster ABC have tried in the years since they showed Lost to recapture that magic, and they may have found it with The Crossing.

Taking place in a small American fishing village, the local head of police (played by Steve Zahn) is called to the beach, where the body of a young girl was washed up on the shore.

Once she is revived however, the locals discover dozens of people suddenly appearing on the shoreline, all claiming to have come from 180 years in the future, and have travelled back in time to escape from a terrible war, one that is imminent for modern day America...

Clip via Prime Video UK

Obviously there is pretty strong parallel to be found on refugees fleeing a war and seeking a new start somewhere with any number of current real life news stories with the exact same story, only here it is given the time-travel / sci-fi edge that also seems to be predicting that modern day America is heading towards some very bad times. Which... yeah, is also a pretty strong real life parallel, come to think of it.

After the first episode aired in the States this weekend, Twitter quickly filled up with viewers guessing what they thought everything meant, reading into everything from the character's clothes to bible references to guessing the connections between everyone... if you're hoping to go in with no spoilers, then it is a minefield and should be avoided until you've watched episode one.

The Crossing is released in Ireland and the UK from Tuesday 3 April and is available to watch on Amazon Prime.