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"There is a satisfaction is going to toilet and thinking 'I look like shit'..."

Daisy Ridley there, not talking in generalities, but more what happens when you've danced so hard in a pub in Dingle that you've successfully managed to sweat all of the make-up off your face.

Ridley, who shot to prominence after her portrayal as Rey in The Force Awakens, is back for The Last Jedi, in which she gets more screen-time with Luke Skywalker herself, and since most of the scenes with Mark Hamill were filmed in and around the infamous Skellig Michael (we visited the filming sites themselves, which you can read about here), of course the conversation turned to Ireland.

From the village that renamed itself after one of the creatures in the new movie, to getting behind the bar at the wrap party in Dingle, to a big sweaty dance-off with the movie's director Rian Johnson, it is clear that Ridley had a great time filming the movie here.

However, there is also chats about the personal worries she had leading up to the release of the film, who she most wanted to impress with her performance, and a bit of a recommendation for vegans to eat in London.

All in all, a pretty expansive interview, if we do say so ourselves...

In case you missed it, here are our chats with The Last Jedi villains played by Andy Serkis and Domhnall Gleeson.

And, while we know there is no way that you've missed this, here is the trailer for The Last Jedi, which is playing in Irish cinemas right now.


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