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05th Jun 2018

Danny DeVito has the best response to fan who took a cardboard cut-out of him to her prom

The cast of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia always seem to have so much fun on set.

Wil Jones

Frank goes to the prom.

Who did you take to your prom? Whoever it was, they weren’t as good as Allison Closs’s date. The 17 year-old from Pennsylvania took a cardboard cut-out of Danny DeVito to her high school prom. It even had a tie and a corsage, and she had a little trolley to pull the faux-DeVito on.

Obviously, that was great but things have got even better.

The media attention that Closs got meant word of it eventually got back to the set of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (as we are 100% sure you are aware, DeVito plays Frank Reynolds on the show). And Rob McElhenney – aka Mac – put out a special message to her.

Yes, DeVito got a life-size cut-out of Closs at the prom, and brought it on to the set of the gang’s notorious Irish pub. That is incredible.

Next time someone says you can’t do something, remember this. Anything is possible. If a 17 year-old girl from Pennsylvania can get Danny DeVito to hold up a cardboard cut-out of her in a fake Irish bar, you can achieve your dreams as well.