David Attenborough is making a new BBC documentary about what the future holds for our planet 2 years ago

David Attenborough is making a new BBC documentary about what the future holds for our planet

The return of the documentary king.

It's not just RTÉ that have launched a new slate of programming because the BBC have also shared details about some exciting new projects that they've got in the pipeline.


Given the fact that anything David Attenborough makes is synonymous with excellence, we're particularly interested in his new show that's called Extinction: The Facts.

During the course of the documentary, the beloved broadcaster will investigate what the future holds for our planet.

The official synopsis states that: "Extinction: The Facts looks beyond our emotions to investigate what the extinction crisis means, not just for the planet but for every one of us. World-leading scientists will explore why species are disappearing at such an alarming rate and will ask what that means for humanity.

"Planet Earth owes its incredible biodiversity to an incredibly complex but delicate eco-system. Everything in nature is connected so the loss of one species can cause entire ecosystems to collapse, eco-systems we depend on for food, water and resources. The blue whale, the biggest mammal on earth, cannot survive without plentiful supplies of krill, one of the smallest animals in the ocean. It’s said that food supplies for the human population could be threatened if the decline of pollinating insects continues."

In terms of the topics that will be highlighted, the dangers of pollution, deforestation and overfishing will be at the fore.

Simply put, if David Attenborough is involved with something, it's bound to be excellent.

With regards to some of the other notable shows that the BBC will be showing in the coming months, our interest was piqued by When It Happens To You, a new drama that sheds light on the inability of women in Northern Ireland to have a legal abortion.


Using real life stories, the drama explores the emotive issues around abortion in Northern Ireland and the experience of families and their loved ones whose lives have been profoundly affected by it.

There is no broadcast date yet for either show.