David Attenborough's interview with the BBC is absolutely riveting car crash TV 5 years ago

David Attenborough's interview with the BBC is absolutely riveting car crash TV

Can't look away.

Planet Earth and Blue Planet host David Attenborough was a guest on BBC Breakfast this morning where he intended to talk about his campaign to involve the public in the world's largest butterfly count.


As part of the Big Butterfly Count, the broadcaster and the Butterfly Conservation is asking the public to spot and record 17 species of butterfly for the next three weeks.

This being said, things took an awkward turn when host Naga Munchetty insisted on asking Attenborough a variety of questions that were completely unrelated to the topic at hand.

The interview started off well as Munchetty asked the broadcaster about the campaign. Grand.

“What we’re asking is that people should just put other things aside and, for 15 minutes, sit in a sunny place, maybe in a little garden, somewhere quiet, and just see what butterflies come down,” Attenborough said.


Things took an awkward turn though when Attenborough was asked about his recent conversation with the Queen.

“You recently had a discussion with the Queen - we’re very keen to know whether you discussed plastics when you did meet her?"Munchetty said.

The broadcaster replied by saying: “No we did not. No we did not.”

In an effort to switch the topic of conversation, Munchetty then asked: “I understand your reluctance for that conversation but perhaps you’d be keen to talk about the launch of the RRS Attenborough? The boat recently launched."


Attenborough swiftly replied by saying: “I wanted to talk about the big butterfly count, that’s why you invited me here.”

You can take a look at the interview below but plenty of people felt that it was one of the most awkward interviews that they've ever seen.



Here's the interview but this isn't the first time that there has been tension between the pair during a live broadcast.

During a previous show, the TV host called the Planet Earth host him by the name of his deceased brother, Richard Attenborough.