Hugh Jackman confirms return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 1 year ago

Hugh Jackman confirms return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3

The pair will make their MCU debut in 2024.

We've got huge news for Marvel fans. Or, should we say Hugh-ge news?


Hugh Jackman has been confirmed to reprise his role as Wolverine in Deadpool's first outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2024.

The last time Jackman played the character was in 2017's Logan, a beautiful and bloody affair which served as a goodbye to the character.

Everyone expected the film to be Jackman's final outing as the character, including Jackman himself, who said he would not return since Logan was released.

Despite all this, Ryan Reynolds appears to have been successful in his campaign to bring the X-Man back into the fold.


In a short video posted to social media, Reynolds confirms that work is continuing on the latest installment in the Deadpool franchise, albeit with some setbacks.

"We've been working very hard on the next Deadpool film for a good long while now," Reynolds said.

"I've had to really search my soul on this one. His [Deadpool's] first appearance in the MCU obviously needs to feel special.

"We need to stay true to the character. Find new depth and motivation, new meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand apart.


"It's been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside.

Clip via Ryan Reynolds

"And I... I have nothing. Just completely empty up here. And terrifying.

"But we did have one idea.


"Hey Hugh, you want to play Wolverine one more time?"

At this point, Jackman makes an appearance in the video, confirming his appearance in the film with an emphatic "Yeah, sure, Ryan".

Eagle-eyed MCU fans won't be too surprised with the announcement, as a sneaky reference to the character was made in the second episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law.

Deadpool 3 is set to arrive in cinemas on 6 September 2024.