American Netflix users are about to get the greatest Christmas present ever 1 year ago

American Netflix users are about to get the greatest Christmas present ever

We couldn't be prouder!

First of all, in case you missed it, here is the list of all the new stuff that Irish Netflix customers can expect this December.

There are some absolute crackers in there, but there are two things the US streaming users will be getting that we won't that make us particularly jealous.

For reasons we can't get into here because (A) they involve complicated international distribution rights, and (B) we don't fully understand those complicated international distribution rights, we won't be getting them alongside our across-the-pond cousing.

First one is Avengers: Infinity War. Yep, 2018's biggest movie will be added to the American version of Netflix on Christmas Day. (Dear Santa, please bring Spider-Man back...)

The second one... is Derry Girls!

Yep, the Ireland-based comedy will be available to all of those in America with a Netflix subscription. Which also means that should you find yourself over there during the holiday season, you can use your own Netflix account to watch it too!

It is fantastic news for everyone involved, and even though they are all hard at work on bringing Season 2 to us ASAP (more on that here), they still took the time to celebrate the announcement:

The show will land on the US version of the streaming service from Friday 21 December, the exact same day as Sandra Bullock's new horror movie Bird Box, which also looks pretty good, to be honest.

And we'll actually be getting that one on the exact same day here in Ireland, so you can check out the trailer for it right here:

Clip via Netflix