A very exciting storyline from Season 2 of Derry Girls may have been confirmed 1 year ago

A very exciting storyline from Season 2 of Derry Girls may have been confirmed

This will be an incredible episode.

After miraculous visions of the Virgin Mary, nuns that despise the French, a suspected IRA man getting bundled over the border, and an entire room being set on fire via a few flaming shots of sambuca, it's clear that the comedic talents of Lisa McGee have no bounds when it comes to Derry Girls.

With Season 2 currently filming, McGee has been coy about what fans of the beloved comedy can expect to see but one event has been mentioned a few times.

Ok, consider this to be your first spoiler alert warning.

Catch yourself on, here's another spoiler alert warning.

Wise up because we're even giving you a third spoiler alert.

Derry Girls Season 2

Bill Clinton's visit to Foyleside looks like it will definitely be shown in Season 2.

When we caught up with Jamie-Lee O'Donnell (Michelle), she elaborated on what this might involve.

"I know Lisa wants to do quite a lot because a lot of stuff has happened in Derry. Bill Clinton came to Derry and she even said ‘imagine doing something like the turn of the century.’ There’s loads of things you could do, you could take the show anywhere. Derry Halloween is massive too, it’s the best place in the world to go for Halloween apparently, so you could do an episode about that. The possibilities are endless because the show really could go anywhere," said O'Donnell.

Ian McElhinney (Granda Joe) also told us that he's aware of the rumours that the Derry girls might be getting up to some mischief when the former US president arrives on Foyleside.

"I heard a rumour about the Clinton visit, but I know nothing more about that," he said.

Well it's all but confirmed as seen by this image and footage.

In an interview with the Irish Times, McGee also said that she "just started to jot down ideas. For example Bill Clinton came to the area in 1995, and all the hoo-ha about him coming was hilarious. I’d love to try and tell that story as part of the next series.”

Well, it appears that Clinton's visit in '95 will be the backdrop for an episode of Derry Girls in Season 2.

As you can see in the footage below, hundreds of extras were gathered in Guildhall Square, Derry as they pretend to cheer actors that are playing the former US president, Hillary Clinton, and local hero John Hume.

At present, we've no idea when Season 2 will air but we're already looking forward to seeing the carnage that unfolds in this episode!

Take a look.