Season 3 of Derry Girls set to start filming later this year 1 year ago

Season 3 of Derry Girls set to start filming later this year

Cracker news for any Derry Girls fans.

As soon as Bill Clinton's famous words from the Guildhall in Derry were drowned out by The Cranberries' 'Dreams' at the end of Season 2 of Derry Girls, the good news became official.


Season 3 of Lisa McGee's wonderful show was given the green light but as always, fans soon grew impatient.

Hell, that's just one of the drawbacks when a show becomes a bona fide hit like Derry Girls has. The cast and crew have been kept quite busy in the interim; Lisa McGee's new show The Deceived is definitely one to watch in 2020, while the cast are kept busy with other projects too.

The majority of the gang were reunited at the NTA Awards on Tuesday night and during a red carpet interview with Thomas Crosse of FM104, Dylan Llewellyn (James) said that production on the new episodes is set to start later this year.

"Series 3 is in the works. We're doing it hopefully later this year," said the man widely-known as James, or the wee English fella, if you prefer.

Crosse also caught up with Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Erin) to see what she had to say - if anything - about what fans can expect to see in the new season.

"We actually don't know anything because we're not trusted with anything! I'd say it will all just be the same disasters. I don't think anyone can predict what Lisa will come up with, so we're looking forward to seeing it as much as everybody else is," she said.

Writer/creator Lisa McGee has already promised that Season 3 is going to be brimming with new faces and characters.


"There's lots of new guest characters, as always. In every episode, we have a new big guest star come in. That's really exciting, writing those (roles). That has been good craic, looking forward to shooting all of that," she told Red Carpet News recently.

During a previous interview with JOE, meanwhile, McGee said that she does have a very specific event that she'd love to depict in the show, the Good Friday Agreement.

"Obviously, the political timeline is a bit tricky and I’d need to do a lot of sitting down and thinking about how to work the plot out," McGee told us.

"I’d love to get the story up to the Good Friday Agreement but that’s tricky. You know, we’ve ended Season 2 with Clinton's speech in Derry that took place in ’95.

"It’s a bit of a way off but I just need to work all that out. I'd definitely want to cover the Good Friday Agreement . It was the biggest moment in my lifetime and it was huge for Northern Ireland. It would be a shame not to try and tell that story," she added.


Whatever the future has in store, we're as excited as Orla whenever she sees a chocolate fountain for Season 3.

You can hear the whole FM 104 interview with Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Dylan Llewellyn here (28:30 for the relevant section).