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20th Jan 2023

One of the best war movies of recent years is finally available to watch at home

Rory Cashin


The film did not get a cinema release in Ireland and the UK, but you can catch up on it now!

Released in cinemas in the States in late November, and the same day as Disney’s Strange World, Netflix’s Glass Onion, Spielberg’s The Fabelmans and horror-drama Bones And All, it is fair to say that Devotion went by almost completely unnoticed. So much so, that the movie didn’t even manage to get a cinematic release in many parts of the world.

That resulted in the $90 million budgeted movie (without any additional costs on promotion and advertising) banking just $21.4 million worldwide at the box office, ending up one of the biggest commercial flops of 2022.

Which is a real shame, because Devotion is actually one of the best war movies of recent years. Directed by J.D. Dillard (Utopia, The Twilight Zone), it tells the true story of the fierce friendship between naval officers Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors – Loki, Creed III) and Tom Hudner (Glen Powell – Top Gun Maverick, Hidden Figures) during the Korean War, who would go on to become some of the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen.

Upon release, special mention was given in the reviews to Majors’ and Powell’s powerful performances, as well as the incredible aerial war scenes captured by cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt, who is best known for his work with David Fincher, having won the Oscar for Best Cinematography for Mank:

IGN – “Devotion’s a respectful introduction to heroes the world should know and celebrate. Between J.D. Dillard’s thoughtful direction, the shocking clarity of Erik Messerschmidt’s cinematography, a rousing soundscape, and the tight editing, it’s a riveting drama ready to give even the best aerial war story a run for its money.”

Collider – “While Devotion may not look to reinvent the genre, it does carve out its own space in this year’s impressive slate of war films. It’s a solid, straight-laced story, that doesn’t shy away from the realities of war or the 1950s. Once it finds its wings in the final act, it soars to a place of real power.”

The Playlist – “The film comes to life when Majors and Powell are in the air. Dillard and cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt make the sky feel vast and alive, threatening to swallow up Jesse and Tom at any moment. Along with the film’s thrilling flight scenes, Majors is the biggest draw of Devotion, showcasing his distinctly masculine vulnerability to portray a man as strong as he is silent.”

Los Angeles Times – “Tonally, Devotion remains steady, never going for over-the-top emotion or sensation, simply seeking to express something authentically moving and human. It unmistakably achieves that, delivering a stirring story of friendship during war, and beyond, that is both rare and real.”

Devotion is available to watch on Prime Video in Ireland and the UK right now, while in the US and Canada it is available on Paramount+, and on Netflix in Australia.

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