The director of Training Day has two new movies to watch at home released the same day this week 4 weeks ago

The director of Training Day has two new movies to watch at home released the same day this week

Great news for fans of tense thrillers!

You might not know his name, but you definitely know director Antoine Fuqua's work.


Having kicked off his career making music videos for the likes of Prince, Toni Braxton, Usher and more (he directed the 'Gangsta's Paradise' video for Coolio!), he would soon make a name for himself with the Oscar-winning crime drama Training Day in 2001.

From there he would take Bruce Willis to war with Tears Of The Sun, go all-star medieval (and shoot in Ireland!) for King Arthur, have Mark Wahlberg go fugitive in Shooter, and then make Die Hard-in-The White House with Olympus Has Fallen.

He'd return to work with Denzel Washington for the two The Equalizer movies, put Jake Gyllenhaal in the ring for Southpaw, and round-up half of Hollywood for his remake of The Magnificent Seven.

His movies tend to do serious bank at the box office, and as you may have noticed, he likes working with his leading men over and over again.

And this week, due to the pandemic, he has TWO new movies available to watch at home on the very same day.


Filmed during the pandemic and making the most of the isolation that automatically created, The Guilty stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a detective who has been demoted to a 911-operator following a recent tragedy. Over the course of one night, he finds himself getting more and more involved in a kidnapping situation, as a young woman calls him over and over asking for help, claiming to have been abducted and fearing for her life.


The Guilty is added to Netflix on Friday, 1 October.


Released in the States earlier this summer on Paramount+ (which we currently don't have over here), Infinite sees Mark Wahlberg playing a man who is suffering from powerful hallucinations, which he slowly comes to realise are actually visions from his own past lives. It features Wahlberg stabbing a 747 plane with a samurai sword, and quite frankly that is more than enough to get us excited for this.

Infinite is added to Prime Video on Friday, 1 October.


Clip via Prime Video and Netflix