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Domhnall Gleeson on bossing Tom Cruise around, getting advice from his Dad & crying in the cinema
As you can see, the Irish legend was very happy to chat about his career.

There are very few actors on a hot streak quite like Domhnall Gleeson.

Two years ago, he was in FOUR movies that were all nominated for Oscars: The Revenant, Ex Machina (see our chat with Domhnall for that here), Brooklyn and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

That might seem like a long way for the guy we first met in the likes of Boy Eats Girl, Sensation or episodes of Your Bad Self.

But Domhnall definitely has a nose for quality, over the years getting involved in the Harry Potter movies, as well as the likes of Never Let Me Go, About Time, True Grit, Dredd, Frank (click here for our chat with Domhnall and the legendary Lenny Abrahamson) and one of our favourite episodes of Black Mirror.

Now he's teaming with Tom Cruise on the true life story of one of the most famous drug runners in history for American Made.

Domhnall's dad Brendan (you may have heard of him...?) worked with American Made's director Doug Liman on Edge Of Tomorrow... which also happened to star Tom Cruise, so did Gleeson Senior give any advice on how to work with Tom, or did he just throw him in the deep end?

We also chatted about everything from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, who he reckons will win the McGregor/Mayweather fight, and which movies recently made him cry - since so many of his films have turned us into blubbering messes!



American Made is in Irish cinemas from Friday 25 August, and for a further taster of what you can expect, check out the action-packed trailer right here:

Clip via Universal Pictures

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