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09th Jun 2020

Dublin drama The Liberties looks like a cross between Peaky Blinders and Gangs of New York

Alan Loughnane

The Liberties

We want to see more.

When you think of Irish TV dramas, thoughts will initially turn to the likes of Love/Hate, which has returned to RTÉ recently for another lap of honour. However, if we were to debate this topic in a few years’ time, Love/Hate could very well be joined on its pedestal by a newcomer, The Liberties.

Greenhorn Films, in association with 925 Productions and Failsafe Films, has released a proof-of-concept teaser for their TV drama, The Liberties.

Just to explain briefly, a TV show’s proof-of-concept is something created to establish if there’s interest in a series and to possibly find some financial backing for a potential new show.

According to the first look on Scannain, The Liberties is a period drama set in Dublin in the early 19th Century and tells the stories of three siblings, William, Mary and Pondersbury Kelly, exploring their links to boxer Dan Donelly, played by the always excellent MoeDunford.

Alongside Dunford, the cast also includes Danielle Galligan, Lochlainn O’Mearain, Richard Kiely, Tadhg Murphy  and Catherine Walker, and the show is co-written by Brian Durnin, Gary Duggan  and Pierce Ryan (Black ’47).

Here’s hoping the show gets the go-ahead, because this early taster already looks incredibly slick…

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