Ed Sheeran is set to star in a new film based on an album he has written 4 years ago

Ed Sheeran is set to star in a new film based on an album he has written

The plot thickens...

Ed Sheeran has already tried his hand at the whole acting thing, popping up in Game of Thrones for a memorable appearance that not everyone loved all that much, and playing himself for a cameo in Bridget Jones's Baby.


Now comes the news that he's been working on something more substantial for the silver screen.

Speaking to the press at the Berlin Film Festival this weekend for his cousin Murray Cummings' documentary Songwriter, Sheeran revealed that he's landed a role in an as-yet-unnamed project, but won't be playing himself as "that would be a bit boring."

Deadline reports that that the film itself, which is said to be very much at the 'idea stage' right now, is based around an album that Sheeran has penned, though it is unclear which one.

“I’m going to make one movie in my lifetime,” Sheeran joked. “Well, I’ll aim to make one and if it’s good, then I’ll make another one. If it’s sh*t…”


Though he didn't give much away, Sheeran did note that he has already written the soundtrack, and has a "great director" lined up.

Quizzed on his own taste in movies, the chart-conquering sensation listed a top three of Goodfellas, Cool Runnings and Love Actually; a film which notably divided the JOE office during a particularly heated debate last Christmas.