The entire season of Derry Girls is online but you better be quick to catch up 3 years ago

The entire season of Derry Girls is online but you better be quick to catch up

Relive the superb debut season.

If you plan on having a lazy weekend in front of the TV while eating a sandwich - preferably not after a nun just died - then a Derry Girls binge session could be just the thing. Since debuting to incredible acclaim, Lisa McGee's heartwarming and relatable comedy has been embraced all over.


In fact, the show's continuing impact was seen on International Women's Day as countless tweets, articles and opinion pieces were dedicated to the likes of Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle and our own personal favourite, Sister Michael.

Poor James - or 'the wee English fella' as we all know him - must feel so left out!

If you've never seen Derry Girls before - or if you fancy a quick catch up - you'll be pleased to know that it's currently available to watch on All 4 but it might be disappearing very soon.

Don't miss out.

To be fair, Nicola Coughlan (Clare) did warn us that the show might be vanishing but if you fancy a quick reminder of the funniest and most beloved moments, Hat Trick have posted some of the best scenes.

Wise up and give these a watch.


The memorable scene when Claire came out to Erin.

The deadpan moment when Sister Michael confirmed her status as one of the finest comedy characters in years.


"Then why were you pissing on her and making sandwiches?" Superb.

Proof that sleep deprivation, perno and a delusional personality can be a religious experience that even 'Big M' would approve of.