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18th Jan 2022

Euphoria fans delighted after learning Fezco’s Irish connection

Sarah McKenna Barry

We’re claiming him as our own now.

Fans of the hugely popular HBO series Euphoria have discovered that one of its stars has a very strong Irish connection.

27-year-old Angus Cloud plays the character Fezco on the show, a college dropout turned drug dealer who provides a significant amount of support to lead character Rue (Zendaya).

While Angus was born and raised in California, it turns out his entire family hails from the Emerald Isle and many of them still live here.

In fact, Angus, whose full name is Conor Angus Cloud Hickey, has previously stated that he planned to move to Ireland before he got cast in the hugely popular teen drama.

Prior to landing the gig, he had left California for New York, where he worked in food service between auditions. However, he had his heart set on travelling to Ireland.

In 2019, he told the Wall Street Journal: “I just kinda went out to the east coast on a one-way type thing. I was going to move to Ireland. All my family live out there.”

However, his plans to ship out here were understandably derailed when he landed the part of Fezco on the show, a role that saw him become a fan favourite.

Now, as season two of Euphoria hits screens, many Irish fans are claiming Angus as one of our own.

“Fezco being Irish makes total sense,” said one fan on Twitter.

“I don’t watch Euphoria but idk how people didn’t realise that the actor who plays Fez is clearly very obviously Irish,” another wrote.

“Honestly the most Irish-looking American I’ve ever seen. There’s about 17 of him in every village.”

A third wrote: “Just found out that the drug dealer man who looks very Irish in Euphoria, is, in fact, Irish.”

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