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02nd Mar 2018

Friday’s ‘extreme weather’ edition of The Late Late Show got a massive reaction

Dave Hanratty

Late Late Show Storm Emma

Total chaos. End of days. Repent your sins…

…and that was just Marty Morrissey’s appearance as an on-the-scene wedding correspondent, introducing one lucky bride as hailing from, “Brazil… in South America.”

And yet, somehow, Marty wasn’t the real story.

No, that was the rather unique situation faced by Ryan Tubridy as he dealt with an audience that resembled a 9am Friday lecture where only the mature students bothered to turn up.

Now, you might wonder if there’s some ‘fake news’ on the go here, but…

Not long into the Late Late’s very own red level weather event, Ryan proceeded to interview a couple of people off the street – still wearing snow-covered jackets – about the Great Snow of ’82.

It’s a classic, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ facial expression from Tubs, in fairness.

Elsewhere, Oliver Callan launched into impromptu impressions of seemingly everyone in government, while Joe Duffy was on hand to deliver a ‘sliced pan for everyone in the audience’ zinger.

Comedian and actor Deirdre O’Kane, meanwhile, won a lot of plaudits for her thoughtful stance on the #MeToo movement:

Later, Tubridy put on yet another brave face when discussing an exhibition about the Famine.

Late Late Famine Segment

The above image is a bleeding potato, apparently.

And that’s as good a place as any to leave this summary of one of the stranger, more unique Late Lates in a while. At least there was no random bin segment, eh?

Featured Image credit: Jim Sheridan

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