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25th Jul 2019

The Fanatic stars John Travolta, is directed by Fred Durst, and we need to talk about it right now

Rory Cashin

the fanatic

Ooooooooooooohf. Oohf. Yikes.

Listen, we all know that John Travolta, as an actor, has a far from perfect CV.

But he has actually been nominated for two Oscars across his career – once in 1977 for Saturday Night Fever, and once in 1994 for Pulp Fiction.

He’s also starred in stone cold classics like Get Shorty, Face/Off, Carrie, Grease (it’s great, shut up!), Blow Out, Look Who’s Talking, The Thin Red Line, American Crime Story, and more besides, so he must, on some level, recognise a quality script when he reads it.

However, before we get into any kid of breakdown, here is the trailer for The Fanatic, starring John Travolta, and directed Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit fame:

Clip via Rapid Trailer

So….. (deep breath)….. a lot to unpack there.

Travolta stars as an obsessed fan of a movie star (played by Devon Sawa, star of the first Final Destination movie, but more famously known as IRONY ALERT! playing an obsessed fan in the music video for Eminem’s ‘Stan’.)

He appears to want an autograph, doesn’t get it, so breaks into Sawa’s house, ties him up and …. tries to burn it down. And then later on, one of his eyes are gone.

Durst didn’t just direct the movie, he also co-wrote the screenplay, and aside from that frankly outrageous wig, we’re trying to see what about this project enticed Travolta on board.

But then we’ve looked at Travolta’s recent CV and, well, have a look yourself at his last four movies, all released in the last two years:

True-life crime drama Gotti: 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

Speedboat drug traffiking thriller Speed Kills: 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

Missing person mystery The Poison Rose: 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

Father and son racing drama Trading Paint: 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

We’re not saying you should take up gambling, but what would you say the odds are that The Fanatic will continue that 0% streak?

Released in US cinemas on Friday 30 August, it does not yet have an Irish release date, which is really the biggest crime of all.

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