Viewers loved Roy Keane's cameo in the latest episode of The Young Offenders 8 months ago

Viewers loved Roy Keane's cameo in the latest episode of The Young Offenders

A very special episode for any Corkonians.

Every single episode of The Young Offenders feels like a love letter to Cork, but the most recent episode went heavy on the love for Leeside.

An appearance from the most gifted footballer to ever learn his trade in the county might do just that.

Oh yes.

After the secret was made public a few weeks ago, Roy Maurice Keane finally met Conor McSweeney (Alex Murphy), Mairéad McSweeney (Hilary Rose) and Jock O'Keeffe (Chris Walley) in the latest episode of The Young Offenders, which aired on RTÉ 2 on Monday night.

The episode saw Conor, Jock and Mairéad, always tight on cash, coming up with a hare-brained idea to become business owners as they bought a second-hand chip van to try to make some extra money.

With a huge football match in Turner's Cross providing them with an opportunity to make a killing financially, they ended up making an absolute balls of it.

All in all, the pressure that comes with owning a business saw the gang lash out at their most famous (lost) customer as the episode drew to a close.

Aside from Keane's cameo, viewers absolutely loved the music choices that the creators continue to make on the show with lots of great music from Irish bands featuring throughout.

Clip via BBC Three

In the episode, the absolutely brilliant 'Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass)' by Sultans of Ping FC seemed like a fitting track to kick-off the madness that was in store.

Throughout the season, the show has used a plethora of Irish artists like The Stunning, The Frank and Walters, The Pale and the rap collective The Kabinologists - Danny Power of that group even had a memorable role in the second episode of Season 2.

All things considered, the tunes are cracking and viewers are getting a real kick out of the soundtrack selections.

However, the main box-office draw of the recent episode was the cameo from a certain Irish legend; here's what the viewers thought about it.

For those that want more from The Young Offenders, you can check out JOE's interview with the cast below.

Thankfully, Season 3 has already been confirmed and there are still two more episodes left to come this season.

Bring it on!