Father Ted musical takes step forward as creators bury the hatchet 2 years ago

Father Ted musical takes step forward as creators bury the hatchet

The show must go on, go on, go on...

Pope Ted, aka the Father Ted musical, marks the hotly-anticipated comeback of sorts for the beloved Craggy Island icon.


Currently in the works, the musical is in the "first draft" stage according to co-creator Arthur Matthews.

Speaking with Dion Fanning on Ireland Unfiltered last November, Matthews gave an update on proceedings:

"Well, it’s written, first draft," he said.

"The music in it is fantastic I can tell you that. Neil Hannon and Paul Woodful. It’s brilliant, it’s like really good."

"The music exists so I can say what that’s like but because the show doesn’t exist yet, I don’t know. I mean I presume it’ll be good."

Matthews also noted that co-creator Graham Linehan was "very secretive" about the project, and sure enough, things have been quiet since.

Step forward the aforementioned Neil Hannon, currently in promotional mode for the new Divine Comedy album; Office Politics.


Speaking on BBC Breakfast on Monday morning, Hannon noted that Matthews and Linehan had clashed over the musical but have now "settled their differences".

“Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, praise be, settled their differences and we are all back in a room writing the musical," said Hannon.

“It’s very exciting," he continued. "In fact, we are pretty much almost finished. It’ll still be quite a while before it hits the boards."

Hannon stated that his inspiration comes from the script.

“Sometimes I have written about six songs for one particular scene that never seem to hit the nail on the head. But most of them have come quite easily.”


As noted, the project is tightly under wraps, but Matthews did appear to confirm on Ireland Unfiltered that Ted will indeed somehow rise to the highest position in his field.

Hannon, for his part, did his best to go all Marvel press junket when asked for details.

“I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say," he said.

"I’ll get told off for saying things. But yes, he goes up in the world substantially. I’ll leave it at that.”


No confirmed release date just yet, but 2020 appears to be the plan.