Final episode in Season 2 of The Young Offenders reignites the eternal Cork vs Kerry rivalry 8 months ago

Final episode in Season 2 of The Young Offenders reignites the eternal Cork vs Kerry rivalry

Conor and Jock vs. Kerry. This looks class.

With news that Season 3 of The Young Offenders is 100% happening- they've already filmed the episodes - it's going to be a very happy Christmas for fans of Peter Foott's beloved comedy.

Throughout the course of two seasons and the film, The Young Offenders has consistently been a love letter to the wonderful eccentricities of Cork and its people.

Aside from this, the show has probably already filmed in every location that's on Leeside too!

Well, the lads are mixing things up in the final episode of Season 2 because they're leaving the Rebel County for a very dysfunctional road trip.

Ok, they're not going far but their upcoming trip to Kerry looks like it's about to land them in an awful lot of trouble.

In terms of the plot, the official synopsis states: "The baby is due soon and Siobhan is upset with the nonstop arguing of both families, so Orla tries to come up with a solution. She suggests that everyone go away for a weekend break together to neighbouring Kerry and try to learn to get along for Siobhan and the baby's sake, but no-one seems convinced this is a good idea."

We won't spoil too much but we'll say this, expect carnage when Cork's biggest langers set foot in the Kingdom!

Ahead of the launch of Season 2, JOE caught up with the show's stars Alex Murphy (Conor), Chris Walley (Jock), Mairead (Hilary Rose), and P.J. Gallagher (Barry) to get their thoughts on the final episode.

"Cork is very much the two lads' comfort zone, but we do go up the country too. It's not like we're going on some massive trip to Ibiza! But it's good because you get to see the rivalry between different counties play out. The friendly rivalry!" said Alex Murphy.

If you're expecting things to be tame, you've got another thing coming.

"That episode should be the simplest episode - it's the final time that the two families (Walsh and MacSweeney) come together, take a break, hang out, and get to know each other. It should be nice and peaceful. It definitely does not happen that way! There's warfare, but where this warfare comes from, I'm not going to say. Ha, it's definitely not friendly warfare!," said P.J. Gallagher when asked about the final episode.

Cork vs Kerry. Bring it on!

Take a look at what's in store.

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