Everyone fell in love with this pair on First Dates Ireland's Valentine's Special 4 years ago

Everyone fell in love with this pair on First Dates Ireland's Valentine's Special

First Dates Ireland's Valentine's Special got everyone right in the feels.

Tuesday, 13 February's episode of First Dates Ireland was a real eye-opener.


First we met Laylah – the first transgender woman to appear on First Dates Ireland. Laylah told Her that, despite the date not working out, she had a very positive experience on the programme.

"The show was so accommodating. When I applied I was aware that no trans people had appeared before so I had doubts about whether they'd be willing to try find me a match.

"But it was so lovely to be able to go on a normal date and I hope that doing it so publicly will make an impact."


Then we met 19-year-old pansexual (a person capable of a sexual, romantic or emotional attraction towards other people regardless of their sex or gender identity) Kyle, from Cork.

Kyle spoke about his battle with cancer in recent years, allowing him to become a stronger person because of it.

And to round it all off, we had Kerrie and Aaron – a couple being dubbed "the best date of the series thus far."

We first got to know Kerrie properly when we eavesdropped on her mid-date bathroom call declaring her love for her date, Aaron to a pal down the phone.


And as dates go – this one was pretty magic.

The pair of them got on extremely well with conversation flowing from the get go. And, if that wasn't enough, the two of them grinned like Cheshire Cats from the moment their eyes met.



And the best bit? They both said yes!

Yes indeed, Cupid shot his arrow at the smiley pair and worked his Valentine's magic. Not a dry eye in the house.

Love is real everyone, and RTÉ just proved it.