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30th Oct 2023

Resurfaced Friends blooper is far more hilarious than the scene itself

Simon Kelly

Friends blooper main


With the news of Matthew Perry passing away over the weekend coming as a huge shock to Friends fans all over the world, many of us have started to dig out old scenes showing the brilliance of the actor and his co-stars.

One scene in particular is getting a huge reaction, but not for the iconic scene itself, for the bloopers.

Anybody that knows of Friends is aware of the “PIVOT!” scene, where Ross, Rachel and Chandler are attempting to bring a couch up a flight of stairs.

During the season five episode ‘The One with the Cop’, Ross attempts to orchestrate the maneuver by shouting “PIVOT” to his two friends over and over again, only for Chandler to get exasperated to a point where he shoulds “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

Hilarious blooper from iconic Friends scene gets shared after Matthew Perry’s death

While the scene is hilarious enough, the blooper gives a great peek behind the curtain of just how tough it must be to keep a straight face during sitcom recordings.

In the clip itself, Perry and Jennifer Aniston are in hysterics at David Schwimmer’s repeated line of “PIVOT”. Schwimmer eventually breaks down too, shouting the word in a high pitched voice between laughter.

The situation gets a bit too much for Aniston, who is then seen walking out of camera shot to catch her breath.

The video also highlights the huge loss that is being felt across the world at the moment over the death of Matthew Perry. However, the amount of joy his character brought millions of fans will also be felt through clips and episodes just like this for years to come

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