Game of Thrones have finally revealed how Arya was able to jump so high vs the Night King 3 years ago

Game of Thrones have finally revealed how Arya was able to jump so high vs the Night King

A question that lots of fans had after their fight.

A week has passed since Game of Thrones ended and still, the spoiler alert warning persists.


Ah well...

If you're looking for another reason why the petition to remake Season 8 of Game of Thrones was insulting and disparaging to the cast and crew that worked on it, the recent documentary, Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, is the perfect example.

Jeanie Finlay's feature was a beautiful love letter to the passion, talent, and commitment of everyone that worked on the world's most popular show as viewers got a firsthand look at what makes Thrones so special.


Throughout the two-hour long documentary, we got to see some the remarkable talent that's working across Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, and Spain.

Aside from Kit Harington's complete shock at finding out how Jon Snow's storyline with Daenerys ends, the feature was brimming with very emotional moments.

For example, director David Nutter told us how the show saved his life following a painful back injury. Elsewhere, the prosthetic makeup experts Sarah and Barrie Gower's heartache at not being able to see their daughter on a regular basis was very moving.

Early starts at 3.15am, 55 days of night shoots in the piercing cold of Northern Ireland, months away from your family and friends.


Despite the pressures and intensive workload, the passion that every single person has for their job would give you the impression that the set of Game of Thrones is the happiest place in the world.

While the crew deservedly got the attention that they deserve, there was a very telling moment when the cast were reading through the scripts for the very first time.

As they red through the scene in the Wintefell Godswood when Arya kills the Night King, Maisie Williams received a massive round of applause.

However, as good as that scene was, plenty of people were curious how Arya 'got the drop' on the Night King, specifically, how was she able to jump so high?


Well, during the meeting, Bryan Cogman (writer/producer) was reading that particular scene and he said: Something is hurtling towards him out of the darkness — Arya. She vaults off a pile of dead wights, leaps at the Night King, and she plunges the dagger up through the Night King's armour. The Night King shatters."

There you have it.

Arya used the dead corpses of those around her as a springboard to attack the Night King.


Aside from this question, another mystery was also answered because Thrones fans were finally introduced to the very sound Andrew McClay.

In case you're not familiar with Andrew, he's the world's most famous 'unknown' soldier because he has featured in so many memorable battles and scenes.

If you're looking for someone that embodies the passion, love, and spirit of what makes the Thrones crew so special, he's your man.

The North - and the world - will always remember the work that every single cast and crew member did on Game of Thrones.

We're going to miss it.

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch will be available to watch on Sky Atlantic at 9pm on Monday, 27 May.