The best video game TV show in history is finally coming back 9 months ago

The best video game TV show in history is finally coming back

Time to finally win that Golden Joystick...

23 years since departing our screens, Channel 4's iconic GamesMaster series is getting the modern reboot treatment.


Hosted by Dominik Diamond and briefly by Dexter Fletcher, the original show ran from 1992 until 1998 and proved a huge hit with viewers.

The format mixed video game reviews with difficult challenges as gamers of different skill levels competed against one another, all under the watchful eye – and vaguely terrifying floating head – of famed astronomer Sir Patrick Moore.

Seriously, this was nightmare fuel:



Anyway, the reboot is officially underway.

According to a Channel 4 statement, the new GamesMaster will return on E4 later this year, though will debut beforehand on YouTube. The project comes in partnership with Facebook's Oculus Quest 2.

As for what to expect from the new GM, the series will see celebrities, gaming stars and super-fans taking part in challenges, races and "epic fights" in search of the legendary Golden Joystick trophy.


Clip via Retro Pixels

"GamesMaster was a household name back in the 90’s and this new revamped version for social and E4 retains the elements that made this show so special, whilst also bringing it bang up to date, improving game quality and bringing in fresh and current names to tackle the trickiest GamesMaster challenges yet," said Sacha Khari, Head of Digital Commissioning at Channel 4.

There's no word as of yet on who will host the show, nor will take up the mantle of GamesMaster from the late Moore, so start your fan-casting now.