This new all-star 'comedy X-Files' debuts on Twitter tonight before its TV premiere next month 4 years ago

This new all-star 'comedy X-Files' debuts on Twitter tonight before its TV premiere next month

This must be a first, right?

We remember a few years back when Rick & Morty premiered an entire episode across 100 Instagram posts (which must've been HUGELY unsatisfying to watch), but an entire episode debuting on Twitter? Of a show of this calibre? That's quite the social media stunt.


However, the folks before Ghosted must be feeling pretty confident about their new show, and so they should, because it looks pretty great to us based on the early footage we've seen.

Clip via FOX

Featuring Craig Robinson (The Office US, This Is The End) and Adam Scott (Parks & Recreation, Step Brothers) as two new recruits to the Bureau Underground (basically The X-Files meets Men In Black), and forced into becoming partners and hunting down ghosts, monsters, demons, aliens and pretty much every other kind of supernatural phenomenon, with Robinson in the "I need PROOF!" Scully role, and Scott as the "The truth is out there..." Mulder role.

The creatives behind the show have previously brought us much-loved modern comedies like Workaholics and Portlandia, and it was due to debut in the States on Sunday 1 October (no confirmation on a Ireland/UK release date yet), but before then the show will premiere its first episode on Twitter.

Unfortunately, it will require staying up late tonight.

It will pop up on the Twitter at 9pm Eastern Time, which translates as 1am GMT. Thankfully, they are showing it at that time every night from Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 September, so you've got a few opportunities to check it out.


Meanwhile, Robinson and Craig are already responding to people calling in with supernatural sightings on the show's Twitter account, in a very Ghostbusters-y way, albeit far less helpful...