Gogglebox Ireland are looking for very particular people to join the new season 1 year ago

Gogglebox Ireland are looking for very particular people to join the new season

Does this sound like you?

Is there an easier show to watch than Gogglebox? We sit and watch the TV, with other people sitting and watching TV. It is cheap, genius and oftentimes hilarious.


There has also never been a show that had as many viewers thinking to themselves: "I could do that..."

Well, if you reckon you could be as entertaining to watch on TV talking about TV, then you'll be happy to hear that the producers of Gogglebox Ireland are looking for new talent to take part.

As part of their call for new applicants, the following will be pushed to the front of the potential queue:

"We are on the lookout for groups of older male pals who love nothing more than chatting about what they watch on the box while down at the local men's shed or waiting at the taxi rank.


"Were also on the hunt for new families, especially those who have a brother and a sister combo. And despite them proving to be a lesser spotted breed for Gogglebox Ireland, we'd still love to hear from telly-addicted priests and nuns."

Of course, the process is still open to everyone across the country, so if you do want to send your application, here are the details you'll need:

Email casting@kiteentertainment.com with your contact details and with details of who is in your gang, where you're based, what you like to watch together and a photo of you all together if possible.

Best of luck, and since you're already here, why not check out our Ultimate Gogglebox Quiz!