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25th Mar 2024

Viewers in complete agreement after watching new RTÉ renovation series

Simon Kelly

The Great House Revival

“Dermot Bannon could learn a thing or two from these two.”

A new season of home improvement show The Great House Revival has dropped on RTÉ and its latest episode has viewers questioning the budgets in Room to Improve.

The series sees architect Hugh Wallace travel across Ireland to help homeowners restore and transform their derelict properties so that they’re fit for modern day living.

The first episode of The Great House Revival focused on first-time buyers Mary-Claire and Sully and their property in Churchtown, Co. Cork.

Known locally as The Parson’s House, the young couple attempt to restore the old house that dates from 1835, with a timeline of just one year.

With a budget of just €130,000, the couple worked tooth and nail alongside presenter Hugh to bring the house into the 21st century.

Despite having no previous experience in renovation and a property that required new windows, floors, ceilings, plasterwork, electrics and stairs, the couple managed to absolutely transform the house into their forever home, with money to spare.

The Great House Revival has viewers questioning Room To Improve budgets

Coming in around €40,000 under budget, presenter Hugh was mightily impressed by the stunning renovation, saying on the show, “They sort of played it by ear, listened to the house.

“Listening to the two of them today you’d sort of think it was a walk in the park but it was anything but,” he added.

Viewers of the RTÉ show, which is now in its fourth season, all had one thing to say – and it had something to do with another well known renovation show.

Parsons' House - The Great House Revival RTE

One viewer said: “Dermot Bannon could learn a thing or two from these two. Under budget and an amazing house. Great first episode of the new series, love it!”

Another added: “That house is absolutely incredible. That man is gifted and she has a great eye for interior design. Give me this couple to do up my house please instead of Dermot Bannon!”

A third said: “€40k under budget. Mary Claire would give Dermot Bannon a run for his money and probably do him out of a job! Superb end result. Beautiful house.”

As well as all being in agreement over Dermot Bannon‘s budgeting on Room to Improve compared to the thrifty couple on The Great House Revival, viewers also agreed that the finished product was absolutely amazing and the couple’s head-on attitude was something to be admired.

You can catch up with The Great House Revival on the RTÉ Player.

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