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15th Apr 2024

Viewers baffled over one specific part of latest Great House Revival episode

Simon Kelly

The Great House Revival RTE

“That kitchen makes me sad.”

Yet another episode of the Great House Revival had everybody talking this week, this time over a baffling decision by the episode’s homeowners.

The RTÉ show has been a real hit with viewers, and some have been expressing their preference of it over another home improvement staple Room To Improve.

The series sees architect Hugh Wallace travel across Ireland to help homeowners restore and transform their derelict properties so that they’re fit for modern day living.

This week’s episode saw Wexford couple Eoin and Robin, who were looking to turn a Victorian schoolhouse into a modern three-bedroom home.

Built in 1889, the schoolhouse posed a big task for the couple, both designers, and even took them two years just to secure the keys after struggling through red tape.

With a modest budget of €150,000, Eoin and Robin went about transforming the unique building into their dream home for them and their two children.

Viewers baffled over one specific part of latest Great House Revival episode

At the end of the episode, the couple invited presenter Hugh back to their property to see the almost finished product.

However, Hugh – and some viewers – were baffled at some of the design features they had left in the former school, including exposed concrete walls, an “unfinished” door, and seemingly a lack of any kitchen requirements.

One viewers asked the vital question: “Where’s the hob? Oven? Are they cooking outside? That kitchen makes me sad. And I’m sorry – but never mind all the ‘I’m from Canada’ business – it looked FREEZING – no wonder there’s no fridge..”

Another had the same thought: “Where’s the cooker and fridge and stuff!”

A third added: “Where’s all the food kept though? The Coco pops and the jam and the ketchup? Where’s the fridge?!?”

However, it wasn’t all negative by the end of the episode, with a lot of viewers praising the couple for the work they put into the home.

One viewer said: “Fair play to them. Wouldn’t be to my taste (too raw, plus me and the kitchen wouldn’t get on) but I LOVE the sash windows. The building definitely needed the sash.”

Another commented: “OK, it wouldn’t be my style, but that doesn’t matter a fig I don’t live there. It’s pretty clear Eoin and Robin put their heart soul and a lot of sweat into THEIR house and fair play. Anyone who does that deserves respect.”

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