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12th Apr 2024

Fans are worried new Scary Movie won’t be funny because ‘people can’t take a joke these days’


A new film is said to be on its way

A new entry in the spoof comedy franchise Scary Movie is in the works, according to reports.

Launching in 2000, the film series is an Airplane-style parody of the horror genre and throughout its five entries has poked fun at the likes of The Exorcist, The Ring, Saw, Scream, Signs and The War of the Worlds.

First developed by Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, the franchise is also notable for helping launch the careers of actresses Anna Faris and Regina Hall.

While the first four films received mixed reviews from critics, they were big hits at the box office and garnered a large fanbase.

That said, while 2013’s Scary Movie 5 made reportedly nearly triple its budget in theatres, it was panned by both critics and audiences alike – and led to the series being put on hold.

In the 11 years since the series’ last entry, the horror genre has only gone from strength to strength with the release of hits like A Quiet Place, The Conjuring movies, Five Nights at Freddy, Get Out, It, It: Chapter Two, Smile and Split.

And now, according to multiple outlets, the Miramax label at Paramount will be making a sixth Scary Movie – with the studio announcing the news at the ongoing film event CinemaCon.

It is said that Scary Movie 6 will go into production in autumn 2024 and is expected to land in cinemas in 2025.

However, not everyone seems best pleased by the news, with many fans saying that it won’t be funny due to the changes in comedy over the last decade.

“Kids nowadays won’t have a clue with their non humour personalities,” one person wrote. “Won’t be the same because the easily offended no doubt will be offended so the close to the edge jokes etc won’t be done… Hope it’s good though.”

Another put: “There’s no way they can make them now with the humour they used to have in it.”

A third said: “It will be s**t. People complain too much so nothing is made the same anymore without offending someone.”

“It won’t be the same that was a different generation,” a fourth penned.Regardless of whether or not the humour remains the same as it did in the first five films, we can’t wait to see what the franchise has in store.