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08th Apr 2024

Viewers left confused after latest episode of RTÉ home renewal show

Simon Kelly

The Great House Revival RTÉ

“Quite a dissatisfactory episode.”

A new episode of home improvement show The Great House Revival dropped on RTÉ on Sunday evening, and it had some viewers confused at the end of it.

The series sees architect Hugh Wallace travel across Ireland to help homeowners restore and transform their derelict properties so that they’re fit for modern day living.

This week saw Wexford man Paul repurchase his old childhood home and begin the huge task of renovating it into a livable space once again.

Built in the 1870s, Mayfield House doubled as a B&B when Paul was growing up, with his mother running the establishment.

Following Paul’s mother’s death, the house went up for auction, with Paul and his wife Helena buying it back for €430,000.

With €130,000 budget, the couple got onto Hugh to help them renovating the property to its former glory.

Viewers left confused after latest episode of RTÉ’s The Great House Revival

However, the small budget was a big worry for Hugh, who felt that the house needed five times the money for a full restoration.

Dry rot, leaking roofs and rotting beams were just some of the problems facing the couple, with the process taking a long 18 months to complete.

However, by the end of the episode, it was clear lot of work was still to be done on the house, leaving some viewers confused.

The fact that almost two thirds of their budget had been spent and that there was such a long way to go, had some questioning the couple’s priorities and their budgeting.

One viewer commented: “Love the attitude but the priorities of the restoration are all over the place. My nerves would be absolutely shot with that project.”

Another said: “Quite a dissatisfactory episode. The structure of the render and lime facing was deemed to be a priority at the start but no mention of it at all in the end. The chimney looked ready to fall. No mention.”

A third said: “It will take 5 years at this rate. I feel there’s a lot not being told. Totally unconvinced!!!”

Some viewers also commented on the fact that during their chat with Hugh in one scene towards the end of the episode, it was so cold in the house that you could clearly see their breath.

One viewer commented: “Paul and Helena are amazing and I have no doubt the house will eventually be lovely but it must be freezing as you could see their breath coming out when they were chatting to Hugh at the end.”

Another said: “Wishing them the best of luck but its freezing there, you can see their breath.”

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