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07th Apr 2024

Experts pinpoint exact time solar eclipse visible in Ireland

Simon Kelly

Solar Eclipse Ireland

Keep your (protected) eyes on the sky.

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in Ireland on Monday, April 8, according to astronomers.

A total eclipse is expected in the US – the first since 2017 – however we’ll still get a chance to see the partial eclipse over here for a small period of time – just before 8pm on Monday evening.

Totality occurs when the moon completely covers the sun’s disk, turning daylight into darkness.

As well as Ireland, the eclipse will be partially seen in other parts of Europe, including Norway, Iceland, western parts of Great Britain, north-west parts of Spain and Portugal, the Azores and the Canary Islands.

According to the BBC’s The Sky at Night magazine, the amount of the eclipse seen varies with location, with those further to the west of Ireland getting the best views.

Experts pinpoint exact time solar eclipse visible in Ireland

Speaking on Newstalk on Sunday morning, astronomer David Moore said cloud cover will be the main obstacle behind catching a glimpse at the phenomenon.

“My advice to people trying to watch Eclipse is always, it’s happening overhead, go out and look even if the forecast is for a storm,” he said.

“I do remember an eclipse 10 years ago and there was a storm like Kathleen forecasted for Ireland and no one was expecting to see anything.

“Yet we got reports published in Astronomy Ireland of people who got a break in Clonmel for just a few minutes, enough to see and take a few quick pictures.

“Weather forecasts, I’m afraid, are not as accurate as say the movements of the celestial bodies which we can predict to second accuracy.

“We know for a fact the eclipses going to happen – whether there’s going to be a cloud over your head is another story.”

Solar eclipse (Credit: Peter Lawrence)
(Credit: Peter Lawrence)

Experts say that as always with any solar eclipse, it’s imperative that the event is viewed through eclipse glasses or through a telescope or equivalent fitted with a certified solar filter.

This warning is vital even as the low setting sun may not seem as bright, it can still damage eyesight.

The partial eclipse will be occur in Ireland at around 8pm on Monday evening, when the sun is setting. It is recommended to those looking to view it to find a spot at around 7.55pm

While there will be many chances in the near future to see a partial solar eclipse in Ireland, the next total eclipse isn’t due until 2090.

Header image via Rolling News.

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