The new live-action He-Man has been cast and this isn't what we were expecting 1 year ago

The new live-action He-Man has been cast and this isn't what we were expecting

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You definitely know him, and you definitely wouldn't have cast him as He-Man.

We all know He-Man.

Prince Adam. Skeletor. Eternia. Castle Greyskull. "I have the Power!"

His... sister She-Ra? Was it is his sister, or his girlfriend? Or his cousin, maybe? We forget.

Either way, he is iconic, so much so that the character even survived that 1987 movie Masters Of The Universe, which was essentially "Space Conan The Barbarian", but with more leather harnesses and accidental nods towards BDSM:

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While it got a lot wrong, at least they got the look of the casting right, with an insanely buffed up Dolph Lundgren in the lead role.

Jump forward three decades, and the idea of a mostly-naked sword swinger seems a little out of place, but that isn't stopping Hollywood from smashing that remake button. Hard.

The new version is set to be directed by Adam and Aaron Nee (they've done stuff, none of which you've heard of), and written by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (Iron Man, Men In Black: International, the upcoming eighth Transformers movie).

However, all eyes will be on who plays the big role, and it has gone to a decidedly... not-big person.

Say hello to Noah Centineo.


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Centineo is a fine actor, having appeared in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, as the love interest for Camilla Cabello in the 'Havana' music video, and the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot.

So, yes, a good up-and-coming actor.

But he seems a bit... and we're sorry if this offends you Centineo... but a little small?

He-Man is supposed to be one of the buffest dudes imaginable, and Centineo is not that.

Maybe he'll hit the gym hard before the movie begins filming, or maybe they're going with a reimaginaing of how He-Man is supposed to look?

Either way, it is unexpected. Here is hoping it turns out both unexpected AND good.

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