Here are the 6 best movies on TV tonight 4 months ago

Here are the 6 best movies on TV tonight

It's a Tuesday.

A regular old Tuesday, that was heavily dominated by major developments in the world of Covid-19.


But you may be looking for an escape, which would be perfectly understandable given everything that's going on.

So why not watch a movie?

Here's what we're dealing with this evening:

A View to Kill - 8pm - ITV4 

007. Roger Moore. Christopher Walken. Grace Jones. All you need to know.

Starsky & Hutch - 9pm - Comedy Central

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Snoop Dogg, Vince Vaughn and Juliette Lewis star in a remake/spoof of the popular 1970s comedy show.


The Hangover Part 2 - 9.30pm - RTÉ Two 

Phil, Stu and Alan reunite in Bangkok for another stag party in a comedy that has dated scarily quickly, while still having quite a few big laughs in there.

Kick-Ass 2 - 10pm - Sky One

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jim Carrey star in this superhero comedy/thriller, that is not your average superhero film.

Bowling for Columbine - 10.05pm - Sky Documentaries 


An Oscar-winning Michael Moore documentary about school shootings and gun control in America from 2002, that is sadly just as relevant (if not more so) today.

The Theory of Everything - 10.10pm - Sky Atlantic 

The life story of legendary scientist Stephen Hawking. Features a career-making performance from Eddie Redmayne in the lead role in what is probably the pick of the bunch this evening.