"Hi-ho, Instagram gang!" – these Muppet selfies are guaranteed to brighten up your day 8 years ago

"Hi-ho, Instagram gang!" – these Muppet selfies are guaranteed to brighten up your day

Forget duckface, it's all about frogface now...

Now this is how you market a movie. Of course, we realise that this is all one big publicity stunt ahead of the release of the much-anticipated Muppets Most Wanted, but guess what?


We. Don't. Care.

This collection of brilliantly charming, behind-the-scenes Muppet selfies from the official Muppets Instagram account are a simple but ingenious way of MAKING EVERYBODY LOVE THE MUPPETS EVEN MORE. From Kermit's perfectly executed, arm's length picture to Gonzo's wonky nose and its ventilation system doppelgänger, the fantastic photos are proof that the Muppets are obviously completely real and have no need for so-called 'puppeteers.' They wouldn't be 'selfies' otherwise, duh.

For bonus laughs, keep an eye out for the excellent personal text that accompanies each of the super snapshots. JOE's personal favourite? It has to be Swedish Chef's "Cüffffeee-a ünnndee-ün? Bork Bork Bork!"

We couldn't have put it better ourselves Swedish Chef.


Muppets Most Wanted is released in Irish cinemas on 28 March and you can check out the trailer here, as well as clips from all of JOE's most anticipated films of 2014.

Hi-ho, Instagram gang!

Cüffffeee-a ünnndee-ün? Bork Bork Bork!


“This is the fanciest calculator we’ve ever seen!” [click]

What’s up, dogs? #LOL

The doctor has arrived.

#Selfies are scientifically proven to boost health and happiness!

Classic rat, getting into all the food.

It is I, Miss Poogy, your favorite Moopet!

Fozzie strikes again.

Lesson for Uncle Kermit: Never leave your phone alone. #imROBINyourphone