Ireland's most-watched movie on Netflix in 2022 so far might come as a surprise 1 week ago

Ireland's most-watched movie on Netflix in 2022 so far might come as a surprise

Halfway through the year, time to take a look at some of Ireland's viewing habits...

We're six months into 2022, and we've got to say, this year has been pretty good for movies and shows.


But while all of the new arrivals are pretty great, we also love some comfort watching, as in rewatching our favourite shows over and over again. It is this very reason why Encanto is the most watched movie on Disney+, and Family Guy is the most watched show on that platform.

But over on Netflix, what are the most-watched shows and movies for Irish viewers so far in 2022?

According to viewing aggregate site FlixPatrol, here are the ten most-watched shows on Netflix for us this year so far:

10. Love Is Blind


9. Top Boy

8. Anatomy of a Scandal

7. Stay Close

6. Pieces of Her


5. The Lincoln Lawyer

4. Paw Patrol

3. Bridgerton

2. Inventing Anna


1. Ozark

One obvious missing entry here is Stranger Things, which Netflix revealed last week "became the most watched season of English-language TV in a single week on Netflix and hit #1 on the Top 10 lists in 91 countries, a first for an English TV series."

But as it is a relatively new released and the full numbers are still be collated, we should probably fully expect that to rocket up the charts before too long.

Now, on to the movie list. Any guesses what will be top of the list? We'll be honest, if we'd been given all day, we're not sure we would've guessed it:

10. The Weekend Away


9. Trolls World Tour

8. Deadly Cuts

7. Grown Ups 2

6. Don't Look Up

5. Senior Year

4. Grown Ups

3. The Adam Project

2. The Gentlemen

1. The Tinder Swindler

So... a couple of things of note there.

Why so much love for those two terrible Adam Sandler movies? Thankfully, he has an actually good movie out this week, so hopefully that one will take the spot of one of these tragic Grown Ups movies.

It is great to see Irish comedy Deadly Cuts crack the top ten. It was released in cinemas when people were still kinda iffy about going to the big screen, so it's nice that it has found a second life on the streaming service.

Five of the top ten movies are Netflix original films, which makes sense, but there are some big Netflix original movies from 2022 that are already nowhere to be seen on this list: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Our Father, Windfall, The Bubble, Choose or Die, 365 Days: This Day, White Hot, etc.

And then there's the movie at the top spot... The Tinder Swinder. As we said in our review when it was released way back in February, this is exactly the kind of documentary that Netflix should be making. It was a huge water-cooler moment for the streaming service earlier this year, and costs substantially less than the all of their forgettable blockbusters.