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A night not to be missed for WWE fans.

The pro-wrestling fan group Low Blows, who have held live Wrestlemania showings for six years now, are set to make history this year.

While they are going ahead with their usual Wrestlemania showing, this time around it will be mixed in with a live concert. The group not only put on these types of shows, but they also record a wrestling podcast in which they discuss all the goings on in the crazy world of the WWE.

#LowBlowsMania6 will take place in Buskers on the Ball in Temple Bar, with the band set to perform WWE songs before the biggest wrestling event of the year is shown on screen.

Founder of the group and lead vocalist of the band, Rick Nash has assured that this event will run more smoothly than what took place during WWE's Royal Rumble PPV, when the police came to shut down the event in what was a bizarre set of circumstances.

Nash said: "We've looked into what happened and apparently some guy got kicked out by security for being too drunk, so in a tantrum he rang up and told them there was an illegal rave with drugs or something going on and they landed down ready for action.

"They found a bunch of us nerdy wrestling fans, not bothering anyone, and literally drinking shots of milk as part of a funny thing we were doing in case Kurt Angle returned. It's not their fault, they were doing their job and were pretty sound about the whole thing. It's actually a pretty funny story looking back now, but it caused a lot of confusion and was crazy at the time!"


With a new venue, and a new concept, times are exciting for the Low Blows lads. You can catch their version of DX's theme song mixed with Triple H's entrance theme "The Game" right here.

Have a look.

Clip via Low Blows Wrestling Parties

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