TG4 is looking to fund five new Irish TV dramas 2 years ago

TG4 is looking to fund five new Irish TV dramas

Calling all TV writers! TG4 is looking for you to write a television show.

While almost every industry has been hit hard by Covid-19, the pandemic has had a huge impact on the entertainment industry, both in Ireland and across the world.


But luckily, some help is on the way in the form of the recently announced €3 million July Stimulus Support Package for Television Drama.

As part of this package, Screen Ireland has allocated funding that will focus on regional and diverse opportunities, which is where you and your skills come in.

TG4 and Screen Ireland are seeking submissions for television drama development; essentially, they want new ideas for a TV drama and this is coming from a station that has given us Ros na Rún for nearly 25 years.

Out of all the submissions received, five projects will be shortlisted to receive development funding of up to €50,000 to bring the series to production level.


The ideal drama series will be between four and eight episodes, 25 minutes per episode, but TG4 will also consider ideas that merit a longer duration.

TG4 has said that series pitched should work naturally in the Irish language, appealing primarily to those who speak Irish regularly but with the ability to attract a wider national and international audience with its tone, humour, relevance, and stylistic approach.

It is looking for applications for development from production companies who have relevant experience in the production of high-quality drama and would encourage the development of new writing, directing and on-screen talent in the Irish language as part of the process.

An Irish-language writer has to be part of the application as the main writer or as a co-writer.


Applications for development should include the following:

  • Logline & Synopsis (260 words)
  • Premise (250 words)
  • Series Arc (600 words)
  • Character bible (3-5 A4 pages excluding images)
  • Outline of the tone and visual style of the project, including a mood board (1 A4 page)
  • Details of the key creative production personnel and talent
  • Development budget (TG4 budget template must be used)
  • Evidence of ownership of rights

To apply, production companies need to first make sure they are registered on the TG4 e-Commissioning system here.

If you have further questions about the application process, e-mail má