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11th Jun 2023

Jeremy Clarkson struggles to answer basic driving-related question

Steve Hopkins

Jeremy Clarkson driving question

By Steve Hopkins

Turns out Clarkson might know more about farming that driving

For a man who has made a living out of knowing everything about cars, it turns out Jeremy Clarkson has some blind spots.

Namely, the Highway Code.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire audience members were shocked when the former Top Gear host failed to answer a basic question on the code that outlines the rules and regulations Brits should follow on the roads.

After the show’s contestant had tried to phone a friend, who was also stumped by the question, he asked The Grand Tour host for advice on how to answer it.

At first, Clarkson thought he was joking and tried to manoeuvre out of it.

@jeremyclarkson62 Nice Highway Code question for Jeremy, its changed a lot since 1977 mate ??#jeremyclarkson #whowantstobeamillionaire #quizshow #clarkson #highwaycode #british #gameshow ♬ original sound – Team Jeremy

The host highlighted that he had no earpieces in, and the answers were not on the screen in front of him, so he wouldn’t be given the answer, saying he had no link to “the outside world”.

It turned out Clarkson didn’t know the answer either.

While that might seem odd, given Clarkson’s knowledge of all things automotive, the question wasn’t that easy.

The question read: “According to the Highway Code, what shape is the standard sign giving the order to stop?”

The options were A) Pentagon, B) Hexagon, C) Heptagon, or D) Octagon.

And Clarkson has a particular kind of knowledge when it comes to cars and roads. His Top Gear catchphrase is shouting ‘POWERRR! when driving fast cars.

Anyway, Clarkson did offer the contestant some advice, saying: “I think you’re right that it is a hexagon, but I’m worried because I’ve been going through it in my head and it could be an octagon.”

The presenter then admitted: “Highway Code, it was 1977 when I last looked at that.”

Presumably, that’s when the 63-year-old passed his driving test.

The pair then tried to answer the question together, acknowledging that the sign had “straight bits at the side”.

Both thought it was an octagon, but £15,000 was on the line.

Clarkson said he didn’t want to be “responsible” for the contestant’s answer.

So the guest went 50/50, which left a pentagon and an octagon.

He then said: “Because you said octagon, I’m going to go with octagon, so it’s on you!”

Clarkson then asked the ‘computer’ to reveal the correct answer, which was in fact an octagon.

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