The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 19 6 months ago

The JOE Movie Quiz: Week 19

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Can you beat your film friends.

THE JOE Film Quiz is back and unlike other weeks, we're actually going to give you some hints. When answering the following 15 questions, just remember the 5 Qs of Quizzing: quahaug, quixote, quokkas, quezals, and quibble.

We also have no idea what any of that meant.

Anyway, as always, round one is about the week in movies and with a plethora of horror titles in your local cinema right now, we've dedicated the second round to some memorable characters from horror films.

To complete things, we've got five questions about famous quotes from movies.

Think you can get 100%? There's only one way to find out!

FYI, if the quiz isn't displaying properly, you can take it here.

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