JOE's Top 5 quality Kevin Costner scenes 6 years ago

JOE's Top 5 quality Kevin Costner scenes


To celebrate the release of Kevin Costner's brand new, awesome-looking action thriller, 3 Days To Kill, JOE decided to pick five of our favourite movie moments from the terrific thespian's career. First things first though, here's a sneak peek at the ass-kicking actor in action...


3 Days To Kill shoots its way into Irish cinemas on 20 June 2014.

He's been brilliant at baseball, he's been untouchable and, most bizarrely, he's danced with wolves. But what a dancer he was. Ladies and gentlemen of, we give you, the living legend that is Kevin Costner...

The Untouchables (1987) – Eliot Ness

What. A. Start. To. A. Scene.

Costner is coolness and all types of badassery personified as he removes a hidden pump-action shotgun from beneath his coat and, quite literally, blows his enemies – and the audience – away.

He's not a great babysitter though; sure he can't even hang on to a pram for two minutes...


Bull Durham (1988) – Crash Davis

There are a number of life lessons to be learned from this particular Costner clip; how a grown man should wear a kimono, of course. How to dispose of your dirty dishes is also there. And, most importantly, how to respond if the very sexy Susan Sarandon asks you if you want to dance.

Thanks for the awesome advice Kevin...


Field Of Dreams (1989) – Ray Kinsella

JOE crying? As if. It's just been raining on our face is all.

You'll run out of goosebumps as you watch Costner's Ray meet up with his dead Dad, and you can most definitely forget about "if you build it, they will come" because, unless you've got a horrible heart of stone, if you watch it, tears will come.


Dances With Wolves (1990) – Lieutenant Dunbar

Before he was known by his adopted name of  'Dances With Wolves', Costner was christened 'Rides On A Horsey Towards Guns' as a result of his daring lone-man assault on the Confederation forces. Of course, he wasn't actually known as 'Rides On A Horsey Towards Guns'... but he definitely should have been.

Sweet Lord, these guys have a worse shot than Stormtroopers...


Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (1991) – Robin Hood

What a pep talk. This is how you really rally the tree-dwelling troops. Costner excels as the American man playing an English man but who is very clearly still an American man. Needs more men in tights though...