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31st Oct 2023

New John Cena action film debuts with rare 0% Rotten Tomatoes score

Simon Kelly

Freelance John Cena


It’s fair to say that John Cena‘s filmography has been pretty up and down in terms of ratings – from his excellent lead role in Peacemaker and the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, to some more questionable casting decisions like the very bad family comedy Playing With Fire.

His newest flick, Freelance, looks like it’s hitting the bottom of the barrel, gaining a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after 22 reviews, at the time of writing.

It’s rare territory to not get a single percent on RT, so Cena can look at that as a feat in itself. Otherwise, there’s not much to cheer about here. From the trailer alone, it looks very confused as to whether it’s a full on action, comedy or a romance flick and the reviews seem to back that up.

New John Cena movie gets 0% Rotten Tomatoes score

Helmed by Pierre Morel (director of Taken), the film stars Cena as an ex-special forces operative called Mason Pettis, who is dragged from his new boring life as a lawyer, back into a private security mission to protect a journalist (Alison Brie) as she interviews the ruthless dictator, Juan Venegas (Juan Pablo Raba) during a military coup.

Here are some of the most cutting reviews of the new action comedy.

Roger Ebert – “There’s an oppressive nothingness to Freelance. No romance. No comedy. No action.”

The Hollywood Reporter – “Even the most cherished daydream needs a bit of skill and finessing if it’s to translate to the big screen, and that’s where Freelance falls fatally short — yielding not an uplifting escape, but an enervating bore.”

IGN Movies – “Freelance is an eyesore of horrendous digital effects, features uninspired action, and wastes the few big names in its cast.”

Slant – “By its conclusion, what we’re left with is a cinematic Frankenstein, whose disparate genre elements have been cobbled together without much consideration or fuss.”

We’ll next see John Cena in action-comedy spy thriller Argylle when that arrives in cinemas in February 2024, here’s hoping that one is much better…

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