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04th Aug 2016

WATCH: John Cena taking Stephen Colbert for a training montage is as awesome as it sounds

You gotta have a montage


John Cena is pretty much a real life Superman.

A fifteen time world champion with the WWE, John Cena also holds the title for the most voluntary time given to the Make A Wish foundation, and is the source of one of our favourite memes.

An incredibly strong dude who spends all his spare time helping others? Yeah, real life Superman.

This week, Big Match John appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for a chat about all things wrestling in the lead up to SummerSlam on 21st August.

Of course, with this being a Stephen Colbert interview, things got weird and downright hilarious pretty quickly.

Check out the video below as John Cena talks about Donald Trump, his diet, and the origin of the “You Can’t See Me” hand movement.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait, we got loads more to talk about.

All good? It’s a great video right? We especially liked the little touch where Colbert’s band played a live instrument version of Cena’s entrance music (APPLESAUCE!).

But that wasn’t the end of Cena’s adventures with Colbert. In a second interview segment, a conversation about the wrestler’s… girth south of the border got interrupted by a special guest.

Stephen Colbert Bully

That, my friends, is Stephen Colbert’s personal bully.

Now what do you do when you have to overcome a bully? Especially when you have Be A Star anti-bullying campaigner John Cena right next to you?

That’s write, you gotta have a montage. Because even Rocky had a montage.

Here’s the best video you’ll watch today.

That’s for being so delightful John.


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