Amazon Prime Video's first Irish show reveals incredibly funny cast 4 months ago

Amazon Prime Video's first Irish show reveals incredibly funny cast

This could be the funniest Irish show of all time.

Last One Laughing is already a hugely popular show around the world with many, MANY different countries already creating their own versions. Local comedians in Mexico, Australia, India, Spain, Canada, The Netherlands, Colombia, Brazil, and Sweden have appeared in their nations' versions, while the format has become the most watched title of all time on Prime Video in Italy, France, and Germany.


For their first Irish show, Amazon Prime Video will be bringing LOL: Last One Laughing to Ireland, which will be hosted by Graham Norton, and he'll be keeping a close eye on the contestants to make sure that none of them crack even a smile... all while trying their best to make each other laugh.

They'll be trapped within a Big Brother-esque house with each other, a big countdown clock on the wall, using every comedy trick in the book to make each other laugh, with the winner getting a grand prize of €50,000 for their charity of choice.

Prime Video has just revealed the full cast list for the Irish LOL, so on top of Norton, we'll be greeted to the comedy stylings of (deep breath) Aisling Bea, Amy Huberman, Catherine Bohart, David McSavage, Deirdre O’Kane, Emma Doran, Jason Byrne, Martin Angolo, Paul Tylak, and Tony Cantwell. Yep, that is a STACKED cast.

There is no set release date for LOL: Last One Laughing, but it is expected to debut on Amazon Prime Video in early 2024.


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