A kid named Cormac absolutely stole the show on the Late Late Toy Show 2 years ago

A kid named Cormac absolutely stole the show on the Late Late Toy Show

What a superstar.

Sometimes in life, the gods smile upon you.


The Late Late Toy Show can usually be relied upon to unearth a new star along the way, and the 2018 instalment delivered a real gem or two.

Following an opening salvo in which Ryan Tubridy morphed into Greatest Showman Edition Hugh Jackman, the show presented its traditional mix of wholesome and weird delights.

A young man by the name of Leo Javaherian provided a touching moment and brought the house down with a clever joke that stumped Ryan:

Leo Javaherian Toy Show

Later on, you had the guards popping by to make sure things hadn't gotten out of control:


And then the host got the kind of grilling many people have been asking for:

And yet, one excitable child stood tallest.

Step forward a boy by the name of Cormac, who boasted impeccable dress sense and a commanding manner far beyond his young years:


Cormac was present to show off his carefully constructed LEGO Taj Mahal, which he reminded us is located in Agra, a city he promised Ryan he'll visit some day.

He also had a train set in his possession, and some serious architecture passion and knowledge, so maybe he's the one to solve the housing crisis, who knows.


He did say he'd build an apartment in Dublin, so that's a start, at least.

And if that wasn't enough, Cormac took the time to clue Ryan in on the hip dance moves of today:


What a hero.