Ryan Tubridy went full Hugh Jackman in the Late Late Toy Show opening 4 years ago

Ryan Tubridy went full Hugh Jackman in the Late Late Toy Show opening

The greatest showman?

Hugh Jackman is coming to Dublin next year with a major pop concert scheduled for 3Arena.


Off the back of The Greatest Showman, Jackman will do his song and dance thing next May, something he's decidedly quite good at.

Ryan Tubridy isn't quite Hugh Jackman, but he did his best on Friday night as the Late Late Toy Show opened its unique circus for business.

By his own admission, he's not the strongest singer, but he told JOE in advance that he's been practicing for three weeks in order to "give it a good go."

And give it a good go he did indeed as part of the Toy Show opening, which looked a bit like this:


Toy Show 2018

The thrilling opening number saw Tubs sing his heart out to admittedly mixed results, but he had the kids to balance things out. Literally.


Smart improvisation, great to see it.

"It's going to be an exceptionally long evening," noted Tubridy as the reality of his station set in.

Before that, it was down the business of toys, of which there are many kinds, but perhaps none as impressive and intriguing as...


Seriously, check this thing out:

"Did you ever hear about the bucolic plague?" Tubridy later asked a seven-year-old in a bid to distract him from his remote controlled rat.


And then there was this fella, who really seemed to have it in for Mary Poppins:

Seriously, imagine trying to explain any of this to someone who totally unfamiliar with the Toy Show.

It's brilliant.

Head on over to JOE's Twitter account for a live rundown courtesy of Michael Fry.