Logan Paul pulled off a high-flying move that left fans stunned at Summerslam 1 year ago

Logan Paul pulled off a high-flying move that left fans stunned at Summerslam

The Youtube star pulled out a surprisingly excellent performance against the Miz.

Wrestling fans were left stunned last night as Logan Paul managed to pull off the upset win over The Miz, while also providing a great performance.


The match between the two took place at Summerslam in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday night (30 July).

The bout marked Paul's first solo fight in WWE, following a tag team match with the Miz against Rey Mysterio and son Dominik at Wrestlemania.

Following the 'Mania match, the tag team split (as tag teams tend to do) with the Miz turning on Paul following the finish of the match.

That betrayal couldn't go unpaid, unsurprisingly, and so Logan Paul was given his shot at revenge at Summerslam.


The match was among the first of the night, following the WWE Raw Women's Championship match which saw Ireland's own Becky Lynch lose to Bianca Belair.

Paul, who recently signed a contract to become a performer with WWE, pulled out all the stops to impress fans, emulating shades of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with his punches.


The most shocking moment of the night, however, came when Paul positioned the Miz on the announcers table, and hit his opponent with a Frog Splash, emulating the late, great, Eddie Guerrero.

Paul picked up the win in the end, using the Miz's own Skull-Crushing Finale, to secure the three-count.


The match was incredibly well received by fans and critics alike, including Wrestling Observer Network's Dave Meltzer.

"Paul was incredible for a second match," the critic wrote.

"He did an incredible frog splash off the top through a table, he did all kinds of great athletic spots."


The main event featured Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match, which saw Lesnar using a tractor to attempt to flip the ring with the champion still on the canvas.

The event marks the first pay-per-view since Vince McMahon's departure from the company, following a series of various allegations from sexual misconduct to paying out hush money.

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