Look Who's Talking reboot is in the works 4 months ago

Look Who's Talking reboot is in the works

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If you were raised in the '90s, you'll remember these films.

With plans afoot to remake every single film that has ever been made in the late '80s and early '90s, it should come as no surprise to learn that a reboot of Look Who’s Talking, the 1989 comedy that starred Kirstie Alley and John Travolta, is in the works.

Deadline have reported that Jeremy Garelick (The Wedding Ringer) is set to write and direct this one.

If you've never seen Amy Heckerling's original, the story revolves around a single career woman (Kirstie Alley)  that's left alone to give birth to a baby that's fathered by a married man (George Segal) who's a bit of a jerk.

The scene with the nappy on the table. We still remember it!

Anyway, in steps John Travolta as a cab driver with a heart of gold that becomes a part of this makeshift family. However, it's arguable that most people will remember the film because Bruce Willis provided the voice of the baby, Mikey, and most of the laughs.

Aside from having a nostalgic draw, it's worth noting that the original only cost $7.5 million and made nearly $300 million worldwide.

The film also inspired two sequels and a spinoff TV series. Does anyone else remember Look Who's Talking Now - the one with the dogs?

Fans of the original will be happy to know that Amy Heckerling is also on scriptwriting duties for the remake.

Anyway, there's no news yet about casting but Garelick is excited about the project.

“What excited me about doing is, I have four kids, including twins, and this is something they can watch, and share some of the experience I had with my wife. Like, figuring out how to raise these kids, with all the mistakes that happen. Add in the voices that are keyed to facial expressions, it just really seems like a fun idea. Everyone can relate to babies. The challenge is, that was a really good movie, Travolta and Kirstie Alley had great chemistry and Amy Heckerling wrote a great script. We’re in the early stages of figuring out what the story is for the modern version of the movie," he said.

Much like every single film that's ever made, we really hope that they find a way to work Danny DeVito into the script.

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