There was a lot of love for Tommy Tiernan's interviews with Barry Keoghan and Emmet Kirwan 3 years ago

There was a lot of love for Tommy Tiernan's interviews with Barry Keoghan and Emmet Kirwan

Right now, Tiernan is one of the best out there. Fantastic TV.

Right now, it must be very good to be Barry Keoghan.


After another strong performance in the fourth episode of Chernobyl, the Dubliner has shown that he's astute when it comes to picking his roles because like so many other actors in the wonderful miniseries, his reputation will only be enhanced by starring in the highest rated TV show of all time.

However, the star of Dunkirk and American Animals appeared on a very different TV show recently because he was the first guest to chat with Tommy Tiernan in the most recent episode of his chatshow.

As usual, the format stayed the same - Tiernan has no idea who he'll be talking to - and as usual, it made for fantastic TV.

After chatting a bit about his breakthrough role in Love/Hate, the conversation turned to Keoghan's childhood and the many foster homes that he stayed in as a child.


To Keoghan's immense credit, he has never shied away from these conversations before and his latest interview with Tiernan was brimming with empathy, kindness, and a mutual respect.

During the course of the discussion, we got an insight into Keoghan's close relationship with his brother, how he used his own personal hardships to fuel his acting skills, and his "mesmerising" on-screen talent.

However, as is the norm with Tiernan, he's adept at lightening the mood whenever it's required and we loved the segment when Keoghan started to interview the comedian - the actor seemed genuinely interested to know about Tiernan's childhood years in Africa and why he looks like a Corkonian!

However, this wasn't the only fantastic interview that took place on the show because the chat with Emmet Kirwan was also fascinating.


At the start of their conversation, the host admitted that he wasn't overly familiar with Kirwan's work.

However, this quickly changed because the writer/star of Dublin Oldschool is one of Ireland's most gifted wordsmiths and as he frequently does, Tiernan listened to his guest and engaged in a real, honest and intelligent conversation.

Aside from being an actor and a playwright, Kirwan has a gift for poetry and he performed one of the pieces that he wrote for his fiancé. A stirring and emotive poem, Tiernan was right when he jokingly said "well, you'll get the ride anyway!"

On a more serious note, we loved the discussion about why some people attach a certain stigma to people that speak with a regional accent. As Kirwan rightfully pointed out, that's a load of crap because your accent is a part of your identity, culture, and history.


Here's a small glimpse at Tiernan's latest interviews below and if you're looking for the whole episode which also featured Kellie and Sophie Maloney, you can view it on the RTÉ Player.

Yet again, plenty of viewers absolutely loved his unique approach and interview style.


Right now, Tommy Tiernan's show is the best thing on RTÉ.