Louis Theroux gives his honest take on Jerry's romantic issues from the recent polyamory documentary 1 year ago

Louis Theroux gives his honest take on Jerry's romantic issues from the recent polyamory documentary

Poor Jerry.

With Louis Theroux's final documentary in the Altered States series set to air this weekend, the documentarian is going to explore the topic of open adoptions in California, where women hand over their babies at birth to adoptive families paying tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege.

Of course, the very first episode in the series caused quite a stir because Theroux turned his considerable talents to the topic of polyamory and in doing so, he spent time with a group of people who were looking to rewrite the rulebook on how couples conduct intimate relationships and experience family life.

Essentially, these people opened up their relationships in a number of different ways, whether inviting others into existing relationships or allowing partners to seek romance elsewhere.

As stated previously, viewers were particularly engaged in the relationship between Jerry and his wife, Heidi.

Essentially, Heidi was also having an intimate relationship with another man but Jerry wasn't allowed to participate in a threesome, as per his wife's instructions.

To compound matters, Jerry also asked to watch his wife having sex with another man. This request was also refused.

During an interview with Russell Howard, Theroux talked about Jerry's romantic predicament and said that he felt massive sympathy for him.

"I felt a bit bad for him, if I'm honest," said Theroux.

At this point, Howard asks Theroux if he ever felt the need to intervene and help Jerry - much like the crew on Dynasties did to save those penguins.

"There's a part of me, of course, I felt like that. I know what you mean. It's in the nature of documentaries, in the kind that I make, to intervene but you can't. Part of these docs is giving people the autonomy and respect to make their choices," said Theroux.

With regards to the next episode of Altered States, Take My Baby airs this Sunday on BBC 2 at 21:00.

Take a look at Theroux talking about his recent episodes of the series from the 4:00 minute mark.